Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let´s do withoutness!

What does  withoutness mean? We made up this concept last day, as my friend Mr. Van Nieuvenoven found it frightening to do things without a purpose as we were creating a collaborative drawing -3 people involved-. Doing things without a purpose becomes a purpose in itself. So that is how we came to the "withoutness" word.

So let´s withoutness a little, let´s do things with the purpose of doing things in a random way. And after that, let´s have a look and do interpretate what it has been done. Or not.


  1. A little purpose: Withoutness-cooking. Four friends do a blind morning shoping, then they meet in a friendly kitchen and cook an amazing jam-dinner-session.

    -They can´t speak about cullinary ideas
    -There´s no "no"

  2. Ah! The draw is wonderfull. It´s incredible the lot of things are inside a pen!!!